CMA Report Preparation

Overview of CMA report

What Is CMA report?

CMA Data implies Credit Monitoring Arrangement information. According to RBI rules, CMA information is required for Project Loans, Term Loans and Working Capital Limits. This information is to be given by an organization to bank for getting the advance from bank and consistently, to renew or improving their current Bank credit. CMA Data is a deliberate examination of working capital administration of the borrower and the motivation behind this announcement is to guarantee the utilization of assets viably. CMA data generally contains 2 years Audited Financials and 3 future years Financial Projection of organization, Fund stream explanation, Changes in Working Capital report, Ratio investigation and Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF) report. This is the first statement in the CMA data which contains the present fund & non fund based credit limits of the borrower, their usage limits and history. Along with the present fund limits,the proposed or applied limits of the borrower will be mentioned in this statement.

Explanations to check financial health of company:

  • Particulars about Current limit and proposed limit. It will demonstrate both Fund and Non-Fund based cutoff points of the borrower and usage limit or current balance.
  • Working Statement/Profit and Loss account Statement, bank will know execution of organization. It additionally supportive to know gaining cycle for paying the costs.
  • Balance sheet, bank will know the monetary position. CMA Data will have 2 years audited accounting report and 3 years projected balance sheet.
  • With fund flow explanation, bank can know the flow of fund. Is organization wasting their reserve or applying fund for development.
  • Changes in working capital report – helps to know the changes in current assets and current liabilities. It will likewise supportive to know short term requirements of organization.
  • With proportion or ratio examination, bank will know the situation of organization all the more plainly inside couple of minutes.
  • Banks ask the maximum permissible bank finance (MPBF) working. That is – The amount company is looking out for borrowing from bank? It should not more than 75% of working capital or 20% of Sales.

Minimum Requirements

1. Audited financial reports of previous 2 years

2. Proposed financials of current year

3. Term Loan Repayment Schedule, assuming any

4. Details of elements of proposed upgrade (assuming any) alongside the terms and conditions

Steps Involved in preparation of CMA report:

  •  Collecting required information

  1. Our Experts will call you and guide you about CMA report.
  2. Mahapreneur mail you required documents list.
  3. Mahapreneur collect all necessary documents and information.
  • Arranging documents and information

  1. Mahapreneur gather your information and documents and verify it.
  2. Mahapreneur arrange your documents & Information in prescribed format.
  • Preparing CMA Report

  1. Mahapreneur prepare your CMA report in prescribed format.
  2. after preparation of project report Mahapreneur mail you soft copy of report immediately and hard copy of report will send you by courier.

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