Eventual Corporate Compliances

Corporate Compliances

Add Partner to LLP

1) What requirements of individual to add as partner in LLP?

To become partner in LLP individual requires Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN).

2) What are the Responsibilities of partner in LLP?

Partner in LLP is responsible for business.

3) Who can obtain DIN?

Individual having age greater than 18 years old can apply for DIN

Appointment of Director

  • How Director is appointed?

Director is elected by the shareholders.

  • What are responsibilities of director?

To manage the corporate affairs of firm as per AOA & MOA

  • What are requirements for director?

To become director individual must require Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) & Director Identification Number (DIN).

Company Name Change

1) When name of company can change?

The name of a company can be changed by the subscribers/promoters at any time after incorporation.

2) What are major reasons to change name of company?

1) Change in business model 2) Change in directors 3) Change in nature of business

3) How to change name of company?

To change the name of a company, shareholders approval is required along with approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

4) Documents required changing in name of company?

Passing of Board Resolution, Name approval Form by ROC, Special resolution for name change

5) Is changes in MOA & AOA are required?

Yes. Name Changes in MOA &AOA are required.  

Increase In Authorized Capital

  • What is authorized capital?

Maximum amount of share (total capital) which can be issued to shareholders of company.

  • For what reasons to increase Authorized capital of company?

Authorized capital generally increase for issuing new shares or increasing the capital of company.

  • What is procedure for increasing Authorized capital?

Firstly Resolution of Board of Directors is required for increasing authorized capital of company.

Resignation of Director

  • Who is Director?

Director of a company is a person elected by the shareholders for managing the affairs of the company as per the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.

  • How to remove director?

Director can be removed by two methods 1) Resignation of director 2) Removal of director by Board or shareholders.

  • What is last date for submitting Resignation letter to ROC?

Last date for submitting resignation compliances is one month from the letter of resignation dated.

Memorandum of Association Amendment

  • What is MOA?

Memorandum of Association of a Company sets down the constitution of a company including the permitted range of activities of the company, state of incorporation, type of company, capital clause, liability clause and more.

  • For what reasons changes are done in MOA?

For changing name of a company, changing registered office from state to state. Alteration of objects clause, alteration of capital clause or increase of authorized capital.

  • What is procedure for changes in MOA?

Changes to the Memorandum of Association of a company would require the passing of a special resolution and shareholders consent.

Steps Involved in Corporate Compliances

  • Preparation of application

  1. Our Experts will call you and guide you about annual corporate compliance.
  2. Mahapreneur mail you required document and information.
  3. Mahapreneur collect all necessary documents.
  • Drafting of application

  1. Mahapreneur gather your information and documents and verify it.
  2. Mahapreneur prepare your application in prescribed format.
  • Submitting application

  1. Mahapreneur submit your application to concerning Governmental authorities

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