Trademark Registration

Overview of Trademark Registration

For what reason to Register Trademark in India

Trademark is an imperative resource of any organization. Any business is known by its name and securing the name is equivalent to ensuring the business.

Assurance against Copycats

No one will set out to duplicate your image name once it is an enrolled trademark.

Aides in picture building and validity in Market

Clients give more inclination to enlisted brands with TM tag.

Trademark is Most important resource of the Company

Numerous brands on the planet esteem their trademark more than their some other physical resources. Brand esteem is inferred just when the organization has outright directly finished the brand name through trademark insurance.

Aides in development of business and development

Trademark can be leased and sovereignty can be earned under permitting understanding. Diversifying model exclusively relies on trademark authorizing and exchange.

Minimum Requirements

  • For company-

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Soft copy of work or logo
  • Partnership Firm/Trust

  1. Deed of Partnership / Certificate of Registration
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Soft copy of work or logo
  • Individual

  1. PAN Card/Identity proof
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Soft Copy of work or logo

NOTE: Address and email id of applicant is also required.

Steps Involved in Trademark Registrations:

  • Preparation of application

  1. Our Experts will call you and guide you about Trademark and its benefits.
  2. Mahapreneur mail you required documents list.
  3. Mahapreneur collect all necessary documents.
  •  Drafting of application

  1. Mahapreneur gather your information and documents and verify it.
  2. Mahapreneur prepare your application in prescribed format.
  •  Submitting application

  1. Mahapreneur submit your application to concerning Governmental authorities.
  2. You can use ™ sign after submission of your application.
  3. After Trademark Registration Complete you can use ® sign.

Get In Package


  • Trademark 
  • Free Legal Support 
  • 10% discount on other services of
  • Logo development at 30% off.
  • Free Domain Name


  1. Professional Charges- Four Thousand Only
  2. Government charges and out of pocket expenses are not included.
  3. You get all slips and bills of government fees and out of pocket expenses.
  4. Payment Can be done in 2 EMI option
  5. Call on 9730252210 for more Information.


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